New photos from the wedding of Kate Upton in Italy

On November 4, 2017, wedding bells were heard in a medieval church overlooking the Montalcino Valley in Tuscany. There were married 25-year-old actress Kate Upton and 34-year-old baseball player Justin Verander. On the holiday invited the closest and spent everything in an atmosphere of maximum privacy. A few days later Kate published the only wedding photo in the instagram. The celebration claimed the title of the most secret in 2017.

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton

A month later, Kate shared new details and pictures. In the church, she was in a lacy Valentino dress with a lush skirt. “Thin lace, details – in this they are the best. We were married in Tuscany, and the Italian heritage looked very organic there. I participated in the creation of the dress, it turned out the way I dreamed, “Upton told the American Vogue . At the reception at Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco after the wedding, the bride changed into a translucent mini with a train sewn to order in the New York studio of Christy Rilling Studio, – it was much easier to dance in it.

As befits a traditional bride, in the image of Kate there was something old, new, borrowed and blue. “My grandmother could not fly to the holiday because of the long distance. But she gave me her sapphire ring, “Kate said.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander began dating in 2014, and two years later announced an engagement.

Paris Hilton Engaged

Paris Hilton, the owner of an impressive collection of dresses of all shades of pink, has to choose the main outfit in her life – a wedding dress. The main blonde of America was going to marry the actor Chris Zilk, a novel with whom has been going on for a year.

Chris made a Paris offer on the slopes of Aspen. I got up on one knee right in the ski suit. Paris, a multi-faceted declaration of love, of course, accepted and hastened to share joy with the whole world – she published photos of such an important moment in the instagram. “I’m engaged to the love of all the life’s mummers, my best friend and soulmate. I’m incredibly happy and excited. He is loyal, faithful and loving. My ideal. I am the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for showing me that life can be a fairy tale, “Hilton wrote.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka


Most people prefer to play a wedding on their vacation, to spend as much time together as possible. Some want to celebrate in a narrow family circle, while others want to get indelible impressions of this event.

Planning a wedding is a very time-consuming task, especially choosing a venue. This article will help you decide. We have prepared a list of Top 10 best places to host a wedding in 2017. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 of the most luxurious Russian weddings .


newlyweds running along the beach
Here you will find many unusual places for the wedding – from a gala dinner in fine hotels to a walk through the beautiful valleys. Regardless of where you want to spend this special day – in church or on the beach, the wedding organizers will bring everything to perfection. Also pay attention to the article 10 of the most beautiful places for a wedding .


wedding in the Bahamas
An ideal wedding requires an irreproachable place and atmosphere, and beaches with the purest blue water and sand are definitely a good option. It is full of ancient churches, beautiful gardens and many other endless places where you can utter each other’s vows, making the day special.

Abakos, the place of the accumulation of yachts and boats, the most wonderful place for a wedding ceremony in the Bahamas. This beautiful place, surrounded by bars and restaurants, is perfect for a banquet.


wedding in aruba
Every year thousands of people come to Aruba to marry. Beaches, national parks, romantic places and magnificent hotels, specially designed for the honeymoon, are waiting for you. Aruba with its many resorts is an ideal place if you have invited friends and relatives.

Each resort has waterfalls, secluded places, delicious food and magnificent views of the sunset. And the wedding organizers will make this day unforgettable.


Wedding in Tobago
The perfect wedding begins with a perfect dress, delicious food and impeccable make-up. In Tobago, you can meet such organizers, that they devote themselves entirely to the work and diligently fulfill any whim. The peculiarity of your wedding will be emphasized by the beautiful setting, luxurious villas and romantic sunset.


Wedding in Mauritius
Thanks to the warm tropical climate, magnificent sunset and exotic location, a wedding in Mauritius will become a paradise for you. Regardless of whether the bride and groom want to marry in church, on the beach or on a separate island, Mauritius is an ideal option. For you, hotels and resorts with specially prepared pavilions for on-site registration.

Everyone who once said “Yes”, emphasizes the fascinating mystery of these words. One of the places for the wedding can be the garden of the hotel Constance Belle Mar Plage with spacious rooms and a swimming pool, from where your guests will be able to fully enjoy the ceremony.


wedding in Bermuda
Bermuda is definitely a great place to visit. Over the years they have become popular due to the beauty of these places, botanical gardens, churches and beaches and people have a day here fully planned. You, of course, can hold your wedding ceremony in a fortress, on a beach or a cliff on the beach, but the most unusual and unique place is a cave full of flashlights. This will be the most memorable event in your life. Also, you can swap oaths on the beach, and listen to the wishes of the guests and hold a banquet directly in the cave itself.


Wedding in Puerto Rico
A huge number of places for the festive ceremony, including white beaches, churches, monuments of architecture and charming resorts, you will find here in Puerto Rico. You can schedule a celebration on a separate island amidst delightful landscapes, attractive parks with unusual flowers, bridges and luscious green grass . It’s an amazingly fresh atmosphere for your holiday. Puerto Rico has a Japanese-style garden and an elegant Monet-style garden with waterfalls, lilies and plenty of space to accommodate your guests.


wedding in Maui
You can always plan a wedding in Hawaii, where there is always great weather, tall palms and amazing beaches. Hawaii is a place to start a new life. The Hawaiian Islands consist of six aesthetically attractive islands, so the choice will be difficult.

Maui is the most romantic of them with delightful beaches, extraordinary hotels and resorts. Carrying out a wedding ceremony on the island of Maui will be a really wise decision, as here they prepare the best food and are full of space for guests.


wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona
Romantic marriage is everyone’s dream, and in Sassi it will become feasible. This is one of the most wonderful places for a ceremony in Arizona. Thanks to the stunning view of the mountains, magnificent sunset and divine weather, the desire to spend a wedding here will be insurmountable for you. Sassi – an old villa, built in antique style with the most delicious Italian cuisine. There is everything you need, and your guests will be satisfied.


Wedding in Costa Rica
The beauty of nature, romantic places of rest and beautiful beaches with snow-white sand – what could be better than Costa Rica? And experienced organizers, photographers and coordinators will make this day truly unforgettable. If you want to celebrate on the beach, the organizers will prepare the decorations according to your every wish.

Costa Rica has a temperate climate, so you do not have to worry about the heat or cold. Fans of outdoor activities will have plenty to choose from. Walking hiking , surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding and not only – everything to start a new life with love.


Jeans – a great tool for establishing your style. Men and women of different ages wear jeans. In properly selected jeans, you can look feminine and elegant. Jeans are suitable for different occasions. They are available in various colors and textures. Quality varies from one brand to another. The following leading brands not only have an impact on the fashion of jeans in the world, but also have a high cost.

Here are the 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world:


APO jeans
Elite jeans combine comfort, luxury and style. Jeans are available in the price range of $ 4,000. You can buy handmade jeans in various sizes, shapes and designs. On jeans you will find buttons made of silver, platinum, gold and diamonds. Celebrities are happy to wear APO jeans, because they give unforgettable emotions.


The German luxury brand produces high-quality jeans in the price range of $ 10,000 dollars. A luxury brand is focused on the needs of women from all over the world. The brand was created in 1978 by Meghoy Mittal. He reveals sensual femininity and glamor. Jeans are made of the finest fabric and with great craftsmanship.

Jeans are available in more than 1,100 stores in over 80 countries. You can find a unique and excellent collection in the Escada.


7 For All Mankind
The brand was founded by Peter Coral, Michael Glasser and Jerome Dahan. The company introduced premium jeans in the fall of 2000. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Estimated cost of the brand is $ 300. The international brand has hundreds of retail outlets around the world.


Earnest Sewn Custom Fit
One of the most high-end brands in the luxury market and is distinguished by excellent styling. This is the best brand, accepted by most celebrities from around the world, as it brings a great soothing effect. The cost of jeans ranges from $ 1000.


Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana offers a wide range of functions. The brand is designed to create an authentic and unconventional look. The price of jeans will be $ 1200. The brand was founded by an Italian fashion designer, and he unites the styles of the region without much effort. He has customers from all over the world. With the help of jeans you will be able to convey your style in a very effective way.


A luxury Italian fashion brand offers high-quality jeans. The price range will be around $ 3,100. Jeans are popular all over the world. The manufacturer adheres to the modern approach to creating the most attractive collection. You will find innovation, creativity and imagination in promoting jeans.

The brand justifies itself, producing leading fashionable jeans in an easy manner. The brand strives to produce superior quality fabrics without compromising style. This is a brand that celebrities from around the world trust . Jeans can be found in various outlets around the world.


Roberto Cavalli
A luxury Italian fashion house sells the most expensive jeans, because it produces high quality jeans. The cost of jeans is about $ 1200 dollars. High quality material is used for making jeans.

The brand was founded by an Italian fashion designer. With these jeans you will catch admiring glances. You will look attractive, wearing jeans made by a luxury brand, Roberto Cavalli.


Levi Strauss & Co
California American clothing giant, which produces very expensive jeans about $ 60,000. The brand was founded in 1853. The brand can offer exquisite finishes. The brand provides class and quality, and this is the most famous brand in the world.

The assortment of clothes, produced by the brand, is not compared. The exclusivity that customers want will be provided by Levi Strauss & Co. You can find progressive and sustainable projects from the brand.


 Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim
The brand buys expensive jeans about $ 250 000 The Thrashed Denim from Dussault Apparel passes through 13 washes. Between each wash will be drying and painting. You will find 16 numbers of 1-carat ruby, 26 rubies, 8 diamonds and 1080 grams of gold (white or pink).

Because of pure elegance and grandeur, jeans prefer an elite class. A very fascinating collection will attract celebrities from all over the world. Highly professional people with massive pockets choose Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim.


Secret Circus
The price range of Secret Circus ranges from $ 500 190 to $ 1.3 million. One of the most expensive jeans in the world. If you are targeting classic jeans, Secret Circus is the best option. You will experience the sheer wastage by buying these jeans. Jeans are very expensive because of the presence of a diamond pattern on the back pocket.

The above jeans are genuine, and they are made of their finest fabrics. The price tag is based on the quality of the fabric and its attributes.


There are so many burning nationalities, and so many hot women in each. And still in the heart of every man there is a special place for Mexicans. I, perhaps, would try to explain why, but you either already know, or you will not understand at all. I once met with one of these ladies – she taught me bad things. All my former hated her. I’m sure that any of this list can cause the same reaction.

In this list there is no place for Mexicans older. Yes, yes, no Salma Hayek. Sorry, guys. Yes, it is certainly beautiful, but there can be a lot of Salma Hayek. Maybe it’s time to give way to others, such, about which you have not even heard? Actresses leading weather forecasts, models – in the list of such a lot, and they definitely worth incorporating into it. And anyway, why do not news channels around the world dial Mexicans, and let them conduct a weather forecast? I can imagine how the ratings of some Kemerovo television company will skyrocket.

Okay, back to the topic of the conversation. About many of these women you probably have not heard – they are just climbing the thorny road to world fame. Certainly, you recently searched for something hot, and here we are, at your service. Whatever you are waiting for, you will like it, we promise. So, 15 of the hottest Mexicans are under 40 years old . Also pay attention to the rating of the 10 most beautiful and sexy stars to 30 years old .


Angelica Boyer
The 27-year-old Mexican Angelica Boyer was actually born in France, where her parents soon returned to Mexico. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see her wearing a beret. She starred in a lot of different shows on television and cinema and in Mexico often falls into similar lists.

The time of Mexican TV series in our country has already passed, and such hot girls as Angelica, make a great career, unfortunately, remaining without our attention. Perhaps not all of them are hot. Especially, in comparison with Angelica.


Maite Perroni
33-year-old Maite Perroni, born in Mexico City, is known not only as an outstanding actress, but also as a successful singer. She starred in a lot of films, and Univision called mexican “the new queen of television soap operas “. How cool is that, you ask? We bet, no one will call someone else a queen in those areas where Maite is an acknowledged favorite.

Do not forget about her extremely successful musical career. Her debut album reached the third place in the Mexican charts. Girls who read this, tell me honestly, what do you think about such a beautiful woman who is also successful as an actress and as a singer? If possible, try to avoid threats and curses. Maite is undoubtedly hot and despite everything confidently continues her successful career further.


Ana de la Regera
Another year, and Ana will leave this list forever – she is 39 years old. Yes, life is cruel, and next year de la Regeret will have to be satisfied with the list of the hottest forty-year-old Mexicans. But we are sure that in 5 years it will still be damn good. Ana was born in Veracruz; her mother was once too hot and got the title ” Miss Veracruz “.

Ana often acted in various TV projects. Perhaps you saw her on the TV series ” At the bottom “: Danny McBride is in the lead role, and he was broadcast on the American channel HBO, known to the Russian citizen as the creator of the series ” The Game of Thrones “. If you’ve never seen this show, I think you’ll like the excerpt from it, where Ana sings Bob Seger’s song ” Night Moves “, translated into Spanish, while performing a stunning dance with her fifth point. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 of the sexiest actresses of the Game of Thrones.


Claudia Lisaldi
37-year-old Claudia was born in Mexico City and is known as an actress like Mayte Perroni, but unlike Maite she is not successful as a singer, but as a model, despite a low growth – a little over 157 centimeters. But her popularity in her native country can only be envied, although you hardly heard about her.

Although for the podium she lacks growth, she is known as a hostess and TV model. She led many television shows and even sports programs. Claudia even participated in the Mexican version of Big Brother, a show that was also adapted for Russia in 2005 and broadcast on TNT. She did not win. But seriously, who could drive her out of the house? Let’s admit that it’s just nice to look at.


Altair Kharabo
29-year-old Altair was also born in Mexico City. I never thought of moving to Mexico City before. Yes, he’s insanely big, but how many hot beauties are there! I’m sure, after the publication of this article, a crowd of bachelors will overflow the capital of Mexico. For a while, Altair was a very successful model, but soon turned herself into an actress.

Usually she plays anti-heroes – in other words, she makes a living by playing bad girls. Not fair. Bad girls should not look like that. Bad girls should be crammed with tattoos and, possibly, not have a few teeth. At Altair, teeth seem to be in place, and we did not find any tattoos. What to say? Men are in danger, that’s for sure.


Prissila Perales
Yes, it’s getting hotter and hotter. 33-year-old Prissila was born in Nuevo Leone and won Miss International in 2007. I hear about this contest for the first time, but it still sounds impressive. She also represented Mexico at the Miss Universe 2006. What is also impressive, the more she entered the top 10.

I think she was terribly upset. But hey, Prissila, to be on the list of the 10 most beautiful in the whole universe – it’s not so bad. Even before appearing at beauty contests, she won the podium, and now is removed in Mexican TV projects, including soap operas. We do not know what her acting is, but I think she can get a good fee, just standing in front of the camera and convincingly moving her face muscles.


Gaby Ramirez
Gaby Ramirez is known as an actress, TV presenter and singer. It was difficult to find information about Ramirez, more complicated than about any of this list. However, she has Instagram, which she actively leads. I wonder why so many people know about its existence? Oh yes. She is hot to the point of indecency. Perhaps this is the reason.

Gaby has a great body. She is one of those ladies who can build a career, just looking nice, do not get me wrong. I am sure she is beautiful both as an actress, as a TV presenter, and as a singer. All that I talked about is that it’s hard to find information about her career. But to understand that it is hot, you can yourself.


Vanessa Arias
It was also difficult to find information about this lady. While others from this list are trying to adapt to foreign admirers, Vanessa is a Mexican to the core. Her pages on Twitter and Facebook are all in Spanish. I realized that she is an actress and director. But what is easy to understand is how beautiful it is.

Her body is incredible. I wonder if she’s from Mexico City? It is difficult to say, in fact. I should have learned Spanish when I had the opportunity to do it. Now I have to look at Vanessa’s photos without realizing who she is. But, I think, in the world there are more burning tragedies.


Liliana Domínguez
It is difficult to imagine the best in this list, but Liliana is definitely close to this image. This burning 33-year-old Mexican woman comes from Ciudad Juarez. Perhaps it is very difficult to determine this from the photograph, but it is a model. Who would have known, was not it? Just kidding. Few can be a more stereotyped model, more than Liliana.

And it is true that at the age of 15 she was noticed by a model agent and sent to England, where she began her career. She was a model for Kenneth Cole, Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Roberto Cavalli , was shot for ELLE, Vogue, Glamor covers , appeared in commercials for Perry Ellis, Yves Saint Laurent, Sisley. Incredibly steep. I think, with this and Jay-Z, from whom she starred in the clip “Change Clothes”.


Suhey Abrego
I think you agree that Sukhey looks almost perfect. She has such a face and body that she can force a married man to abandon his wife and rob a local bank along the way from the city. Although, maybe I just imagine. About Sukhei is not so much written, but the photos are full.

She appeared in the Mexican version of Playboy ; I’m sure you do not need to be convinced that she looks awesome there. And I’m still thinking about moving to Mexico. Maybe a little more exploring? I’m sure you’ll like her Instagram .


Ana Claudia Talankon
36-year-old Ana has built a successful career as an actress and model in Mexico. She’s from Cancun, where she started climbing the stairs to fame. She did a lot in soap operas and numerous films in her native country. Ana had a role in the Nation of Fast Food, a 2006 film where she played a Mexican immigrant, who was forced to work at a meat processing plant.

She also starred in swimsuit ads and even was a model in GQ. Ana appeared in several American-produced films, working in Mexico in parallel. Ana has a more underrated appearance than the others on this list, but this does not make her less beautiful or hot.


Marta Igareda
32-year-old Marta is a well-known producer, actress and writer. She was born in the town of Villa-Hermosa, Tabasco. She does what she is meant for: her father is an artist, and her mother is an actress. Her sister is also a pretty successful actress. Another thing that seems absolutely natural – it is incomparable.

And is Marta a traditional Mexican name? I had a girl called Martha, and she looked exactly the same as everyone imagines Martha. Understand as you like. Okay, I digress. Igareda is extremely popular in Mexico. She also often appears in American films. For example, let’s take her role in “The Kings of the Streets ” in 2008, which also starred Keanu Reeves, Hugh Laurie, Forest Whitaker.


Barbara Mori
38-year-old Barbara of Mexican descent, but was born in Uruguay. Her family returned to Mexico when she was 12 years old, and they settled … (guess where?) In Mexico City, you’re right. She is an actress, model, producer and writer. Barbara has some Japanese blood. And in general, all the genes that are in it, worked very well, creating such a beauty. She has a very successful career in Mexico.

She started modeling business when she was 14 years old, then got a bunch of fame as an actress on Mexican television. She even managed to star in several Bollywood movies. Pay attention to the article 10 of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood 2015 . Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer, but she cope, and this is very encouraging. It seems that everything she touched turned into gold, and we hope that this will continue in the future.


Daniela de Jesús Cosio
The perfect model – that’s what you can say about Daniel. She attracts looks, and she knows about it. 30-year-old Mexican woman already in her teens signed a contract with Major Model Management , a very large modeling agency. She flaunted on the pages of Vogue and Maxim , and on the podium shone in dresses from:

  • Marchesa,
  • Guess,
  • Baby Phat,
  • Chado Ralph Rucci,
  • Mara Hoffman,
  • Jean Paul Gaultier,
  • Georges Hobeika,
  • Iceberg,
  • Marithe Francois Girbaud,
  • Vivienne Westwood,
  • Betsey Johnson,
  • Pamella Roland.

And certainly I’m not the only one who noticed how hot she is. Visit her Instagram if you want to enjoy her life and see her for everyday affairs. She already has an impressive career, and in her 30 years, Daniela has no reason to dwell on this.


 Elsa Benitez
39-year-old Elsa still outperformed all her competitors, although she will leave this list next year. She will always remain one of the hottest women from Mexico. Benitez was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, where she started her career at a young age. She broke into the model world very harshly, quickly hitting the covers of Vogue, Elle, Glamor, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire .

Perhaps you know it better from photos in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editio n. She even got on the cover in 2001. Elsa fully embodies what this article is about: she is exotic, attractive, has an ideal body and is incredibly beautiful. Currently Elsa lives in Santa Monica, California.