Omen, a line of gaming computers from HP, will soon be replenished with a back-up version. According to the representatives of the company, the computer-backpack is created in order to be used with virtual reality glasses. Thus, HP plans to help the player improve their gaming experience and allow them to walk around the virtual world instead of sitting in their pants.

The computer is in development, tests and the first demonstrations are planned to begin already in June. The filling is close to the requirements that are necessary for the correct operation of VR helmets: the new Intel Core i5 or i7, up to 32 GB of RAM. About what he will have a video card, while nothing is known, but for her, as for the processor, provided for their own batteries, located in the waist belt. Batteries are calculated somewhere for an hour of continuous operation, after which they can be replaced on the move. To prevent the computer from shutting down during the “recharging”, it will be kept in working condition by a third, emergency battery. Cooling system will provide two powerful coolers, the total weight of the machine – about 5 kilograms. To sell the computer is planned with a wireless display, mouse and keyboard in the kit, so in the campaign it can be used not only with glasses. In any case, the date of appearance of the novelty on sale has not yet been named, which means that the design and computer capabilities can pull up to the release.


HP is not the only ones who have guessed to make such a “portable” solution. Yesterday MSI presented its computer-backpack, and Zotac developed a special backpack for one of its miniature PCs. On the one hand, all this is very convenient, on the other – it’s a very strange device, created with a view to several virtual reality devices that may not settle down, without the support of gamers with the ability to quickly play new gadgets, and then quickly fuse them into scrap. Still, the gaming PC “in full mincemeat”, hidden in a small and stylish backpack, is much better than the similar in characteristics of a gaming laptop, which is not very convenient to carry with you to various events. Everything is much more convenient – where you got up or sat down, play it!

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