Apple laurels do not let sleepy other big computer manufacturers. This is especially felt during the presentation of their new products. No one even doubts that the novelty will necessarily be compared with the products produced by Apple. Asus company presented its new ultrabook ZenBook 3, which, according to information provided by the manufacturer, “forts” the latest MacBook in all respects.

So, what is ZenBook 3? This device is only 11.9 millimeters thick (in the thickest part of the case, of course), which is why at the moment this ultrabook has the right to be called the “thinnest” one. For comparison: MacBook Air has a thickness of 17 millimeters, and the latest MacBook – 13.1 millimeters. Reducing the thickness by 9% engineers Asus consider a serious achievement. However, on this impressive side of the new product does not end.

ZenBook 3: Asus introduced another "killer MacBook"

Ultrabook has the highest ratio of screen size relative to the case – as much as 82%. The diagonal of the display is 12.5 inches, while the matrix is ​​protected from external influences with the help of Gorilla Glass 4. The laptop also has a full-sized keyboard, a glass touchpad and even a fingerprint reader. Supplied ZenBook 3 will be in three colors: “Royal Blue”, “Quartz Gray” and “Rose Gold”.

ZenBook 3: Asus introduced another "killer MacBook"

As for the innards of the new computer, everything is very good here. The heart of the ultrabook was the Intel Core i7 processor. The amount of RAM is 16 GB, and the drive is a 512 GB SSD or 1 TB. The case is equipped with ports Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C . Ultrabuk able to work on a single charge up to 9 hours, and as a cooling system is the world’s thinnest fan, only 3 millimeters thick. For the model with a drive for 512 GB, buyers will have to shell out for 1499 dollars, and the second, a terabyte, will cost them $ 1999. The ZenBook 3 will be on sale in the third quarter of this year.

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