The most powerful console in the history of the gaming industry will go on sale November 7 this year. And while most gamers are racking their brains over how exactly Microsoft is going to sell Xbox One X to gamers, the leadership of the Redmond corporation is firmly convinced: when players see the difference in the graphics between multiplatform games for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, they will opt for the latter. About the new high-budget exclusive games for their console, the creators of the Xbox One X for some reason tactfully silent.

The central eight-core Xbox One X processor runs at 2.3 GHz, the Scorpio Engine (AMD and Microsoft), produces a capacity of 6 teraflops, and the graphics memory bandwidth is 326 GB / s. The volume of GDDR5-memory is 12 GB. The system integrates a special technology of liquid-steam cooling, as well as a centrifugal blower. The Xbox One X also has a built-in 8 GB of flash memory, as well as a 1 TB hard drive. The cost of a new Microsoft console on the Russian market will be 39,990 rubles (499 euros).

Microsoft’s marketers are facing a difficult task at the moment: how to explain to people what 4K is, if 4K-TVs have very few families. But it is on 4K and HDR that the special emphasis is placed in the advertising campaign of the new console. Guide Redmond company is confident: the gaming community itself will disseminate information about the new console on the model of “word of mouth”. This was told during the Gamescom 2017 exhibition by the head of Xbox marketing department Aaron Grinberg.

Greenberg believes that when games start that support the full power of the Xbox One X hardware, and gamers will see the “real 4K picture in HDR”, they will certainly be impressed by what they saw. Then they will want to compare their impressions with what the Japanese company Sony offers them, the console of which also displays a 4K image in HDR (though with the help of chess rendering technology), and immediately realize that the Xbox One X provides them with a much better gaming experience . However, Aaron Greenberg openly says that Microsoft does not intend to fight with Sony, and it wants the players to make their own decision: which console they ultimately want to buy.

The other day, Microsoft stopped releasing the original model of the Xbox One console (the same plump that was originally sold with Kinect 2.0). Therefore, only the budget model Xbox One S and the elite Xbox One X will remain on the market. Pre-orders for the new console were opened in the previous Sunday, and statistics show that American gamers are interested in purchasing a powerful expensive console. Xbox One X has already climbed to second place in the ranking of goods online store Amazon. However, at the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro, the console also took the lead in the ranking. In the end, in this market always wins the one who offers more interesting video games, rather than the most powerful hardware at a high price.

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