Despite the fact that the hybrid game console Nintendo Switch , the release of which took place in early March, flies like hot cakes, the Japanese company is not going to throw support for another of its offspring – the line of portable devices 3DS and 2DS. In 2015, I already told our readers about the updated model of handheld New Nintendo 3DS . The console with an additional analog joystick, removable decorative panels and more powerful iron has come to taste very much. Ruler of budget devices Nintendo 2DS was undeservedly deprived of the attention of the manufacturer. It’s time to correct this historical injustice. Meet! New portable console New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Traditionally, I will begin my review by studying the packaging of the device. The box with the New Nintendo 2DS XL, despite the presence of XL in the name of the console, is incredibly compact. On the front surface of the package we see the name and image of the device, as well as age restrictions for different regions. In Germany, the USK rating system (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle) operates and the console is allowed for sale without any restrictions. In other EU countries, according to the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) system, New Nintendo 2DS XL is allowed to sell to children over 7 years old. According to Russian legislation, the device is suitable for children from 6 years old.

The reverse side of the box briefly tells us about the completion of the game console.

After opening the package, I first extracted and examined the accompanying documentation. It turned out to be surprisingly little. Only a thin user guide. I remember those days when in the box with Nintendo 3DS lay a weighty book in several languages, which weighed almost more than the game console itself. Also in the package you will find a bag with cards, which are used in the games of augmented reality. There’s nothing new here. Therefore, I will not consider them separately.

That’s the console itself. The new model came in two colors: turquoise-black and white-orange. The case turned out bright and attractive. The design of the updated 2DS receded from the form factor “monoblock” and turned into a so-called “shell”, or “clamshell”. In other words, the device became a full-fledged clamshell, as well as older models of New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. The upper cover of the console is textured and covered with pleasant grooves parallel to the groove. In the corner you can see the logo of the Japanese company.

The reverse side of the console is not particularly noteworthy. Unless the presence of a stereoscopic camera with two lenses somewhat discouraged me. Despite the fact that the console is deprived of the ability to display stereo content, the manufacturer for some reason has retained the ability to make 3D shots. However, in the case of the previous 2DS model, the situation was exactly the same. So it is not necessary to be surprised.

Stereo speakers moved from the top of the console to the bottom and settled on the corners of the case. I consider this engineering solution fundamentally wrong. When you play, chances are high that the palms will block these holes and make the sound deaf. Practice has shown that it is, although it does not happen very often. Here you can see the power button of bright orange color, as well as the LEDs of the connected power and active wireless communication.

In the upper part of the console you can see a massive convex block with loops on which the upper screen is held. Below it, there is a port for connecting the charger, as well as an infrared port for data exchange with various accessories.

On the side faces of the interface elements – just a slider to adjust the volume. By the way, he became much more pleasant in terms of tactile sensations. Adjusts the sound precisely and very smoothly.

The screen sizes of the console are the same as those of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The top screen has a diagonal of 4.88 inches (resolution of 400 by 210 pixels), and the bottom one is 4.18 inches (320 by 240 pixels). Note that the frame around the top screen has become much thinner, so that the console visually decreased in size. The upper screen and the surrounding area are covered with a layer of protective transparent plastic. This little stroke makes the console even more stylish.

The basic analog joystick and the D-Pad cross have remained unchanged. The left button also houses the Home button, which allows you to exit the game into the system menu.

On the right, everything is also practically unchanged. Traditional set of buttons A, B, X, Y, Start and Select, as well as the second analog C-Stick. About him I told in detail in my previous review. On the convenience of it has not changed at all: it’s still the same tight rubber “stump”, which is not used in all games. Nevertheless, it still simplifies management in some cases, so it would be simply stupid to refuse it.

The front camera is located directly between the two screens of the console. To the right of it is a microphone used in some games. On the left, there is an ambient light level sensor for automatically adjusting the brightness of the displays.

In the lower part there is a cover, under which are hidden connectors for game cartridges and microSD memory cards. This is very convenient, given that the New Nintendo 3DS had to unscrew the back cover to replace the memory card. And from the ingress of dust this plug connectors protects well.

Next to the 3.5-mm headphone jack, you’ll notice a stylus hidden in the body. It is short and uncomfortable, so I can not praise it from my tongue. I do not know what prevented Nintendo from putting a telescopic stylus on the kit, as in some past models. This in the hand to hold directly impossible. He tries to fall out of his fingers, and the brush eventually starts to hurt from its use.

The objectives of the stereoscopic camera are located on the back surface of the console. 3D-photos can be watched only by transferring pictures to the console with a stereoscopic screen. On the New Nintendo 2DS XL screen, you will only see flat images. Do not forget that we are dealing with a budget line of devices, from which everything is cut out to reduce costs. However, the presence of two cameras is somewhat contrary to the philosophy of economy.

At the top of the console are two pairs of triggers: L and R, as well as additional buttons ZL and ZR, which were introduced with the release of the console New Nintendo 3DS. Triggers are quite comfortable and responsive. Used an additional pair of buttons is not all games, but sometimes it really is very welcome.

To my great joy, complete with the console, I found a charger. You will be surprised, but with some previous models of the console charging is not supplied. She had to order in the online store Nintendo or search in retail chains. On the one hand, such a solution can be understood: the consoles were matched with old models and those who switched to a new handheld could use them. But what do people who purchase the console for the first time do? Now such problems should not arise. And I believe that this is excellent. But what is not good – for the console will not release a convenient docking station. I did not find special contacts on it for quick charging. This means only one thing: you can now charge the battery only with the help of a wire stuck in the corresponding connector. No docking station does not shine us.

The console acquired the iron of the older model New Nintendo 2DS XL. This means that it is based on more powerful ARM-processors and 256 megabytes of fast RAM. Games are loaded much more quickly, and if the scenes are saturated with three-dimensional objects, the picture will not slow down. With the help of New Nintendo 2DS XL you can play in such technically advanced projects as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and also enjoy improved graphics in a number of other games. For example, in Hyrule Warriors Legends, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon Sun & Moon, etc.

The console is powered by a 3.7 volt Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 1300 mAh. With the abolition of the 3D screen, the console had to work noticeably longer, but the miracle did not happen. Engineers Nintendo just decided to save on the cost of components and stuck into the console is a very mediocre battery. However, its charge is enough for several hours of comfortable play with high brightness, loud sound and connection to a wireless network. The console weighs only 260 grams, which is much less than the weight of the same New Nintendo 3DS XL (329 grams). The bottom screen has an integrated NFC reader for interacting with Amiibo collection figures. In the package there is also a 4 GB memory card, which you, no doubt, want to change to a more capacious one.

Here’s a visual comparison of console sizes in the clamshell form factor of the 3DS family, New 3DS, and now also 2DS.

As you can see, the new console is slightly longer than the Nintendo 3DS XL.

But in width, she decently lost by reducing the frames around the screen. This helped her to lose tens of grams of excess weight.

The brightness of the screens remained at the same level as their resolution. Of course, to compare the pixel density with the wonderful screen of the new Nintendo Switch console – the job is extremely ungrateful. However, 3Dhead handhelds today are owned by tens of millions of people. And most of them are satisfied with their devices. So, to paraphrase the famous saying: it’s not a matter of permission, but how it’s cleverly used.

During the testing of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, I transferred a dozen of my games from the old Nintendo 3DS XL to a new one. The process was painless, and after 40 minutes I played in my favorite games on the new hardware.

What got me a little confused was the fact that the New Nintendo 2DS XL screens emit very warm light. In other words – slightly yellow (in photos it is not visible). The problem is not new, and for the first time people noticed it at the time of the release of New Nintendo 3DS, the screens of which are yellow compared to the screens of New Nintendo 3DS XL. The answer was simple: different accessories and displays of different manufacturers were used in handhelds. On the quality of the picture this does not affect in any way, but if you suddenly like the light more cool – you can buy another model of the console.

Another shortcoming I noticed not immediately. The area of ​​the LEDs on the bottom of the case is assembled in such a way that the blue indicator does not allow the body parts to fit snugly together, creating a small gap. It’s like a trifle, but a small thing is not very pleasant. At first I thought that the only problem was with me. But then he looked at his friend’s console – his situation was repeated. The second moment associated with the assembly is a small vertical strip of light shining through the plastic to the left of the upper screen. It does not cut eyes and is visible only in the dark, but the fact remains. With the assembly while there are minor cosmetic problems.


  • Game console New Nintendo 2DS XL
  • Stylus New Nintendo 2DS XL
  • Maps of Augmented Reality (6 pcs.)
  • MicroSD memory card 4 GB
  • User guide
  • Power Supply


  • Color: white-orange, black-turquoise
  • Material: plastic
  • Upper screen: LCD, 4.88 inches
  • Lower screen: LCD, 4.18 inches
  • Stereoscopic image: no
  • Analogue joysticks: 2
  • D-Pad: yes, 4 directions
  • Triggers: yes, 4 pcs.
  • Built-in NAND: 2 GB
  • Expandable memory: microSD
  • NFC reader: yes
  • Built-in MVD decoder: yes
  • Cameras: 2 basic, 1 front
  • Microphone: yes
  • Processor: ARM11 MPCore, 4 cores, 268 MHz
  • Cpprocessor: VFPv2, 4 cores
  • Additional processor: ARM9, 134 MHz
  • Video processor: PICA200, 268 MHz
  • With a capacity of 256 MB
  • Video memory: 10 MB
  • Battery capacity: 1300 mAh
  • Weight: 260g


  • Excellent design and pleasant to the touch materials of the case.
  • A noticeably more powerful iron is built into the console.
  • Support for all games of the 3DS library without exception.
  • The presence of two auxiliary triggers ZL and ZR.
  • The second analog joystick is C-Stick.
  • The charger is included in the kit.
  • The presence of direct access to the memory card.
  • Built-in Amiibo figure reader.
  • Very nice price for a new console.


  • The speakers are not very well located.
  • The quality of the assembly raises a number of questions.
  • No docking station for recharging.
  • Short uncomfortable stylus.

The company Nintendo continues to actively experiment with the line of its pocket consoles, expanding the range, improving the equipment and trying to please every fan. If you have never been enthusiastic about stereoscopic 3D (and I’m sure a lot of such people), buying a New Nintendo 2DS XL can be the best option for you to access the huge library of Nintendo games. The console is worth 9,999 rubles, which is modest price by modern standards. For comparison: New Nintendo 3DS XL costs 14,999 rubles, and inside it exactly the same hardware, except for the top stereoscopic screen. Is it worth it to overpay 5000 for a dubious function, which you might not even be using? I have already made this choice for myself and successfully moved to a new console, which I advise you too.

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