In the courtyard is almost summer, but you sit at home, crunch chips and read endless longies about Ilona Mask? It’s time to go out, take a walk and find yourself a soul mate who will brighten up your evenings, cook borsch and wash socks. Now we will tell you how this can be done, with a minimum of effort and spending a very little time.

A popular mobile application around the world Badoorecently received a new version and became one of the most effective means to search for the love of your life or just entertainment for one night. It has improved noticeably, has received an updated design and logo, as well as a simplified interface and a fashionable color scheme.

Introduction to the version of Badoo can take place in several modes. The first is the search for a girl (or boyfriend) by geolocation. On the special screen “People near” (globe icon) you can see who is currently near you. You notice an attractive face, go to the user’s page and right from there you can start the correspondence. If the Lord has not rewarded you with boldness, you can non-verbally express sympathy and wait for the opposite side to begin communication first.

By the way, if on the page with nearby users you see a person with a purple pin icon – pay special attention to it. With this user, you are at a particularly close distance, and it is possible that you have crossed in real life today. It is immediately understandable why the developers decided to add the Intersection function to the application. I walked in the evening in the park, I saw a beautiful girl, but I was too shy to go. Then he openedBadoo, I saw her there in “Intersections” and found out during the process of correspondence that she liked me too, but she was also nyasha-shy. Very romantic, is not it?

The second mode is even more fascinating and tightening and built on the principle of “like – do not like”. Before you appears a picture of the girl, and you move your fingers decide whether she has the potential to become the heroine of your novel. It’s all very simple: swipe to the right – “yes”, svayp to the left – “no”.

If a girl is especially interested in you, you can go directly to her page and start a correspondence. Again, if you are constrained by embarrassment, you can silently express sympathy or even “super-sympathy”. And wait for her reaction, crossing her fingers.

If you want to make a special impression on the interlocutor and prove the seriousness of your intentions, you can present her with a virtual gift.

Here it is important to note that the application Badoocan be effectively used without investing a penny. In addition, within seven days you can take advantage of the special status of “SuperSil”, offering a number of advantages: for example, high search rankings, the ability to view sympathies and other useful things for a beginner pickup.

Badoo can be completely installed and used for free on an iPhone or iPad, or on an Android device. If you are skeptical about mobile dating, we suggest that you install the Badoo application, and a week later, return here and in the comments, share your story.

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