Leading TV shows “Wheelbarrow for pumping” tense, because the Chinese company Future Mobility Corp, specializing in electric vehicles, said that in 2019 will release its first car with a display from the rack to the rack.

The brand was named “Byton”. It is reported that this will be a crossover with an electric drive and an autopilot, for the development of which investors have already allocated 200 million dollars to the company. Completely finished car is planned to be shown in Las Vegas next winter, while representatives of Future Mobility Corp modestly conceal the technical characteristics of their offspring.

It is known that the wheel of the electric car will be equipped with an impressive touch screen, and instead of the usual dashboard inside will install a huge display, a width of 1.25 meters. Car management will be carried out using svaypov on displays, gestures and voice. There will not be a familiar ignition key in Byton, but instead a face recognition system will be used. The stated range of travel from one charge is 500 kilometers.

In addition to the station wagon, the company is busy developing other cars that it plans to introduce over the next five years. Among them is a sedan and a seven-seater city car. Future Mobility was founded by former employees of BMW and Nissan, who plan to compete with Tesla.

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