The large dimensions of the old Supercharger charging stations imposed some restrictions on their installation. The stations without problems could be located in the suburbs and not very crowded places in cities. With the installation in busy parts of the city, there were often problems – sometimes the bulky Supercharger was simply nowhere to stick. Therefore, Tesla engineers improved the design of the station, making it more compact and convenient for installation and use .

Because of the small dimensions, the speakers will be able to provide up to 72 kW, while the old ones will produce 120 kW. Therefore, now, on average, the process of charging an electric vehicle will last about an hour. Previously, Tesla claimed that they did not want to turn the charging stations into car parking places, but now that the size of the Supercharger has been reduced by half, the manufacturer supports the idea with parking.

Reduced versions are planned to be installed in parking lots near shopping centers, in garages, near cinemas and cafes. Owners of electric vehicles Tesla have the opportunity to charge their batteries for free, but they have a limit that is enough for 1600 kilometers. After the owner has exhausted it, he will have to pay for the use of the stations. On average, the price per 1 kW is about 20 cents.

The first Supercharger of a new type will be installed in Boston and Chicago, and then they will start equipping other cities with them.

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